My Next Cat Project……


This gorgeous cat showed up about 1 week after I had to put down GG. She or he is hiding in the back woods behind my store but comes out when I shake a container of dry food. Got her attention….


Time laps about 15 minutes after I put down the food. She cautiously approaches the food.  Sorry but the photos are shot through the back window of my store. Her/his eye on the food….


Closer, closer….


Ooh she looked up….snapped another shot…I will hopefully slowly gain his or her trust so I can provide food and a bit of shelter as we go into the winter season. I’m pretty sure she/he is a true feral cat but is willing to take food from people. img_3132-860x573

She’s at the food bowl and I am laying across the work bench to snap this photo! She’s eating…yeah! Success! Then I turn around right into the face of jealousy….


Not kidding! Snowy, you know I love you and I’ve told you before that Mommy’s heart is big enough to love another kitty! It will be ok!



Busy Holiday Weekend…Snow is here to help!


Hey Mom! I see you have a lot on your plate or I mean desk. Let me help! I can lay here next to the product you are listing for sale, purr, lean in for a few kisses on top of my head….



I can do some spell checking and grammar checks for you too! Ooh I see a misspelled word….right there Mom in that last email you just sent!


I’ll fix it….give me that mouse and I’ll fix it! lol

Moral of the Story Regarding an Office Chair


So I was cleaning my office today and turned my stool up side down and placed on my counter top so I could clean under the area. I swept and went to throw my gatherings outside and came back to this…..


Yes, that is Snowball using my upside chair as a new place to lay.


Ah…4 sides that keep him nestled nicely! Moral of the story is Ya never know where you cat is going to think is a good place to take a nap! Luv ya Snow! Sweet dreams.