You can Never Go Wrong with Old White & Cream Annie Sloan Combo


Lovely vintage bed we found at auction. So as the title says, you can never go wrong with Old White and Cream color combination by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. Its a classic neutral with a splash of yellow buttery cream color.


We slightly distressed on the edges, corners and lovely details of this bid. Just enough to add some dimension.



We had some pretty curves and indentations on the legs so we accented them with cream as well! Now the detailing really pops!


Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® is the best paint in the world and this color combination is one of my favorites! Finished with Annie Sloan’s Clear Wax too! Pretty double or full size bed is available for purchase too.

Prettiest Shabbiest Bed Ever!


Prettiest bed ever!  And we did it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®! So sweet and romantic I picked light colors for this full size bed. Cream and Old White



Then we distressed the amazing raised floral carving in the center and added the tiniest bit of dark wax too! This accentuated the carved floral pattern!


This bed was graced with amazing detailing which we took full of advantage of by outlining and highlighting different beveled and mitered edges!  We love her and we miss her too because she went off the Indiana to her new home! Blessings pretty bed!