Shabby Chic Bundle of Books, Ribbon, Rhinestones & Lace

I gathered some old books that had covers in poor condition. I carefully removed the book pages from the binding with a razor knife.  I love the discoloration of the pages and varying shades of the old residue left behind from the binding.

The colors are so muted and pretty. Neutral yet distinctively different!

I collect old ribbon, lace and basically anything that has an old look to it~ This thick ribbon I believe was used for hemming or inserts into shirts that buttoned in the front. It’s aged, discolored but oh so perfect for this set of books. I added some lace, white vintage beads and a pretty rhinestone necklace.

Tuck and tie, let them fall where they may….pretty accent for a tabletop, side table or display! Try it yourself, it’s fun!




A Vintage Serving Bowl Fit for A Salad

A pretty vintage serving bowl was used for my dinner salad last night! I believe that your food presentation is worth the little extra effort to make it fabulous! Appealing to the eye and tummy! Here is what we started out with:

These pretty vintage serving bowls with just enough depth to use for a creative salad. Here is what I used in my salad:

Romaine lettuce

Small white beans marinated in Virgin Olive Oil and garlic salt

Pickled beets (healthy and pretty)

Shredded sharp cheese

Dressed with olive oil, Bratt’s vinegar, salt and pepper to taste.

See the pretty roses peaking out from under the layered salad! Easy, healthy, pretty!

Giddy Up Repurposing!

I’ve teased my facebook followers with a hint of what this is….first a little background. I found this at one of my favorite antique shops in upper Bucks County PA. It’s called Gristies and if you are ever in the area, do stop by! It situated in an old mill…totally awesome and it gets you in the mood to antique!

So anyway, I spotted this outside and at first didn’t want to read the tag to find out what it was and I put my thinking cap on……I didn’t know what it was but I knew how I could repurpose it!  It IS  A        horse saddle wall mount holder!

My first idea was to make it a memory board or an inspiration design board. Hang photos, color swatches, fabrics etc. Get inspired! Then I thought, wow this would be great on a coffee bar! Add hooks and hang coffee mugs or even tea cups!

This one has a great flat back so you can easily even hang on wall or just set on counter top! How awesome would this be for hanging your favorite Christmas decorations, bulbs etc! Just thought of another one…..use for a wedding entrance way and hang the table cards for your guests with cute little pins!

Check out this product for sale in my Buy Antiques Section of Cape May Antiques and giddy up or check out this link:


Apple Crisp, Raspberries in White Wine & A Pretty Vintage Spode Plate


It’s that time of year to enjoy apples but still reap the fruits of the summer season! I’ve combined the 2 by creating an Apple Crisp and pairing it with a white wine accented with fresh raspberries!


I used a white wine and tossed in a handful of these beautifully colored fresh raspberries!


Pretty from any angle!


Now to the apple crisp!

What you need:

6 apples peeled, cored and cut into wedges

1/2 cup sugar

2 tablespoons of flower

1 tablespoon of lemon juice to keep apples from browning

Toss all together and set in a large casserole. I like mine spread out in a large casserole so I can distribute the crisp over a larger area.

Next comes the topping that is sprinkled on top of the apple mixture. You need 1 cup of flour, 1/2 cup of oats, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 1 stick of butter cut into small pieces. Mix all together, I used a fork so I could cut into the butter. Once well mixed, sprinkle even over the apples already prepped and sitting in casserole dish.

Bake for 45 minutes in a 350 degree oven.


Whip cream optional, but a good option!


Served on a Spode small dessert dish in the Chelsea Garden pattern. The colors look so pretty with raspberries! Enjoy!

Still in Love with Tole Trays even after all this time


When I first started buying antiques for resale, I was drawn to tole trays or toleware of any kind for that matter. Timeless elegance, beauty and individuality grace so many tole treasures. I stumbled upon this latest beauty at auction that was filled with other “not so great” items but I spotted the pink roses and could tell immediately they were hand painted. Had to have it!


So this tray is very unique because it’s not painted on metal and it has the most amazing gallery trim! Clicking my fingers on the painted interior portion, it almost feels like artist board from back in the day, not wood or metal.


See the intricate pierced sides of this tray and slightly visible is the intricate detailing on the applied brass or bronzed metal handles. And I almost forgot to mention the dragon-fly fluttering about the pink roses…see below.



So if you like shabby chic, romantic cottage, pink roses etc., this tray might be calling your name!  Imagine treating yourself to you afternoon tea using this tray! Plenty of room on the tray for your favorite book and small plate of cookies, no-one has to know! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this lovely tray and if you gotta have it, visit my online store.



A Vintage Ironstone Tea Party…..and your invited


The prettiest vintage ironstone tea set! Set among blue hydrangeas stems and a vintage porcelain pedestal cake stand. Featuring cupcakes with creamy buttery icing!


I was inspired by this lovely vintage blue and white corn flower tablecloth I found on my latest antiquing trip! Works perfectly with the white ironstone.


Hope you can see the detailing on the spout of the teapot featuring acanthus leaves! So English, so Traditional!  Also found on bases of sugar and creamer.



Lovely grouping for a tea party, dessert party or even a small wedding celebration! The perfect shade of white! Your invitation is in the mail…..

To purchase click on this:




Vintage English Dessert Serving Plate Johnson Brothers


When you think of Johnson Brothers you typically don’t think of Shabby Chic styles such as this lovely round dessert cake server! Fine vintage quality English porcelain by the “BOYS”, the Johnson Brothers. Sweet!


Pretty floral swags including pink roses and blue accents. Love the flared gold accented handles for easy carrying! So pretty for a dessert party, tea party or wedding shower! We’ve paired this plate with some pretty mismatched vintage flatware, small knives for easy cutting and dessert forks!


Just add some pretty desserts and your all set!