Busy Holiday Weekend…Snow is here to help!


Hey Mom! I see you have a lot on your plate or I mean desk. Let me help! I can lay here next to the product you are listing for sale, purr, lean in for a few kisses on top of my head….



I can do some spell checking and grammar checks for you too! Ooh I see a misspelled word….right there Mom in that last email you just sent!


I’ll fix it….give me that mouse and I’ll fix it! lol

Is This Really More Comfortable Than Your Bed?


So I was busy unpacking from my latest auction visit and I had set down this box filled with antique drawer pulls, door pulls, door knobs etc…..and guess who thought it was a good idea to lay in this box? Snowball.


Really Snowy!? Those screws look like they are hurting you and you are free to leave the box at any time and find a more suitable place to lay…..


Or not! came in the next day and he was in the same spot! I guess there are some things about our cats we are never meant to understand. Love ya Snowy!