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Serving Irish Coffee has never been so much fun! Bring out this fabulous set of 8 tall coffee mugs and saucers after dinner to create a great conversation and lots of oohs and ahhhs!


So this is vintage Restaurant Ware. Simply meaning, yes, it was used in restaurants. This particular set is signed Loubat, New Orleans LA. Can’t you see this is an elegant French Quarter restaurant or coffee shop!


We couldn’t resist making our own brew and topping it off with whipped cream! A nice biscotti or sugar cookie would fit perfectly on the saucer as well!


Invite your friends, there are plenty of cups and saucers!

Here is a quick Irish Coffee Recipe:

2 Ounces of Bailey’s Irish Cream or any other cream liquor

6 ounces of hot coffee ( we like it strong)

1 ounce of Irish Whiskey

Top with dollop of whip cream. ( as shown, yummy!)

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