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It’s been over 2 weeks since I had to put Grandpa the cat to sleep. I have been wanting to write to share some of his adventures with you but it’s hard to type through the tears. I don’t want to bring anybody down, I really just want to share his amazing story with you and how he impacted my life!


For starters, Snowball and him did not hit it off when I first took in GG about 3 years ago. Skinny as a rail, ears a mess, tongue hanging out and matted fur, Snowball wanted nothing to do with him. As a matter of fact I had to break up a few cat fights between them. Then, magic happened. Time, patience, love, more patience, more love, the 2 of them started to get along. They kept each other warm in the winter months sleeping in whatever available box they could find in my store. They did have nice fluffy beds but they did prefer a good box.


Here they are curled up on my office. One of the funniest things GG did was give me grief when he was hungry. If I was working and told him to wait just a minute, he would walk away and sort of go grrrrr….like he had this deep out at the bar drinking all night gruff voice! I would laugh so hard jump up and serve him immediately.  He was always grateful. Then there was the soft touch of his paw on my leg when he had more patience with me. So gentle, no claws out, just a little tap, then another.  Same pose, me at my computer working but in the summer I use a coconut oil on my legs to keep them soft, well he really liked the taste of that. He wold lick it all off as soon as he discovered it was there….he would tickle me and make me laugh again!


Off to the vets office for his minor surgery 1 year ago. He had developed squamous skin cancer on his back, of all things. Never knew a kitty could develop that. Probably because he lived outside his entire life. He looked so dapper on this striped zebra blanket while he waited for his surgery. Dr. Lisa and the entire staff at Ocean View Vet took the very best care of him for me!


I had taken out the drawers of a nightstand to paint, turned around and there he was….another cozy spot! Everyone that got to meet him in the store thought he was just awesome! So many kind sweet people that would hold him, bring him treats and even toys! He absorbed all of the love he was finally getting and deserved.  He was creative, kind, loving, gentle, relentless, a fighter, a survivor and he taught me many life lessons that I will never forget.


He’s resting in peace behind my store where I have a nice little grave for him. I wanted to be close to him always. He was an AMAZING cat, one that no-one else wanted, one that no-one took the time to care for or love but he gave so much love to me, it was one of the best experiences of my life. I love you GG.