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After a crazy day, a silly Wednesday, my hubby said hey lets drive down to Cape May for a visit! Well lucky us, because we live only 10 miles north off the parkway. A drive I am always willing to take when you are escaping to such a lovely town!

Where shall we go? I chirped up immediately, The Virginia Hotel please!


We were greeted by a roaring fireplace, a comfy set of chairs, soft jazz music and smiles from all those that were there! We sat for a bit next to the fireplace, ordered some nice Merlot and I proceeded to get a hot flash so I told hubby it was time to move to the porch area.


The Virginia Hotel has the most amazing enclosed cozy porches off of their main sitting rooms! I snapped a picture of this incredible antique secretary desk, Chippendale style, I believe. Filled with books about Cape May, ghost stories, history etc…..ahhh I could sit all night in this room! But we were getting hungry, so off to the amazing bar area…


Here is just a glimpse….good wine, good food, fantastic atmosphere! After grabbing a small bite to eat, we left the Virginia. It’s always a pleasure to visit even if it’s just a few hours. I literally felt as though I was in another world. The shoulder and neck tensions eased, I smiled more, I thought more positively about life and its tribulations….it’s good there!

Last shot of the amazing, always sure to please window boxes at street level…



Hope you enjoyed visiting The Virginia Hotel with me in Cape May. Let’s do it again soon! xoxo chrissy