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This gorgeous cat showed up about 1 week after I had to put down GG. She or he is hiding in the back woods behind my store but comes out when I shake a container of dry food. Got her attention….


Time laps about 15 minutes after I put down the food. She cautiously approaches the food.  Sorry but the photos are shot through the back window of my store. Her/his eye on the food….


Closer, closer….


Ooh she looked up….snapped another shot…I will hopefully slowly gain his or her trust so I can provide food and a bit of shelter as we go into the winter season. I’m pretty sure she/he is a true feral cat but is willing to take food from people. img_3132-860x573

She’s at the food bowl and I am laying across the work bench to snap this photo! She’s eating…yeah! Success! Then I turn around right into the face of jealousy….


Not kidding! Snowy, you know I love you and I’ve told you before that Mommy’s heart is big enough to love another kitty! It will be ok!