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When I’m hungry in the morning, I don’t want to wait for the potatoes to cook….45 minutes or so! No way. I cheat. I microwave about 4 to 5 potatoes for about 10 minutes making sure to poke a few holes in each potato so they don’t burst! Once I have them set in the microwave I cook the bacon.

After all of these years of cleaning splatter on my stove and yes, sometimes burning my bacon, I figured out what I was doing wrong! Too high of heat. I switched to low, low heat and longer cooking time. I mean on my stove I have 1 to 10 as cooking options with 10 being the hottest. I cooked these on 2. It took as long as the potatoes were in the microwave so it was perfect. Plus no splattering of grease on my cook top!

This lazy hungry girl was really happy in about 20 minutes total time! Add salt, pepper, parsley to season and your ready for a good, solid breakfast! Enjoy!

ps: Sorry about the onions Bill…..you know I would leave these out if I was cooking for you! (Bill is my dear brother in law who HATES onions!).