Lazy Girls Potatoes, Onions & Bacon Breakfast


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When I’m hungry in the morning, I don’t want to wait for the potatoes to cook….45 minutes or so! No way. I cheat. I microwave about 4 to 5 potatoes for about 10 minutes making sure to poke a few holes in each potato so they don’t burst! Once I have them set in the microwave I cook the bacon.

After all of these years of cleaning splatter on my stove and yes, sometimes burning my bacon, I figured out what I was doing wrong! Too high of heat. I switched to low, low heat and longer cooking time. I mean on my stove I have 1 to 10 as cooking options with 10 being the hottest. I cooked these on 2. It took as long as the potatoes were in the microwave so it was perfect. Plus no splattering of grease on my cook top!

This lazy hungry girl was really happy in about 20 minutes total time! Add salt, pepper, parsley to season and your ready for a good, solid breakfast! Enjoy!

ps: Sorry about the onions Bill… know I would leave these out if I was cooking for you! (Bill is my dear brother in law who HATES onions!).

Shabby Chic Bundle of Books, Ribbon, Rhinestones & Lace


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I gathered some old books that had covers in poor condition. I carefully removed the book pages from the binding with a razor knife.  I love the discoloration of the pages and varying shades of the old residue left behind from the binding.

The colors are so muted and pretty. Neutral yet distinctively different!

I collect old ribbon, lace and basically anything that has an old look to it~ This thick ribbon I believe was used for hemming or inserts into shirts that buttoned in the front. It’s aged, discolored but oh so perfect for this set of books. I added some lace, white vintage beads and a pretty rhinestone necklace.

Tuck and tie, let them fall where they may….pretty accent for a tabletop, side table or display! Try it yourself, it’s fun!




A Vintage Serving Bowl Fit for A Salad


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A pretty vintage serving bowl was used for my dinner salad last night! I believe that your food presentation is worth the little extra effort to make it fabulous! Appealing to the eye and tummy! Here is what we started out with:

These pretty vintage serving bowls with just enough depth to use for a creative salad. Here is what I used in my salad:

Romaine lettuce

Small white beans marinated in Virgin Olive Oil and garlic salt

Pickled beets (healthy and pretty)

Shredded sharp cheese

Dressed with olive oil, Bratt’s vinegar, salt and pepper to taste.

See the pretty roses peaking out from under the layered salad! Easy, healthy, pretty!

Giddy Up Repurposing!


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I’ve teased my facebook followers with a hint of what this is….first a little background. I found this at one of my favorite antique shops in upper Bucks County PA. It’s called Gristies and if you are ever in the area, do stop by! It situated in an old mill…totally awesome and it gets you in the mood to antique!

So anyway, I spotted this outside and at first didn’t want to read the tag to find out what it was and I put my thinking cap on……I didn’t know what it was but I knew how I could repurpose it!  It IS  A        horse saddle wall mount holder!

My first idea was to make it a memory board or an inspiration design board. Hang photos, color swatches, fabrics etc. Get inspired! Then I thought, wow this would be great on a coffee bar! Add hooks and hang coffee mugs or even tea cups!

This one has a great flat back so you can easily even hang on wall or just set on counter top! How awesome would this be for hanging your favorite Christmas decorations, bulbs etc! Just thought of another one…..use for a wedding entrance way and hang the table cards for your guests with cute little pins!

Check out this product for sale in my Buy Antiques Section of Cape May Antiques and giddy up or check out this link:

Horse Saddle Holder Wall Mount Repurpose as Memory Board Tea Cup Mug Holder Farm Chic Fixer Upper Home Decor Coffee Bar


My Next Cat Project……


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This gorgeous cat showed up about 1 week after I had to put down GG. She or he is hiding in the back woods behind my store but comes out when I shake a container of dry food. Got her attention….


Time laps about 15 minutes after I put down the food. She cautiously approaches the food.  Sorry but the photos are shot through the back window of my store. Her/his eye on the food….


Closer, closer….


Ooh she looked up….snapped another shot…I will hopefully slowly gain his or her trust so I can provide food and a bit of shelter as we go into the winter season. I’m pretty sure she/he is a true feral cat but is willing to take food from people. img_3132-860x573

She’s at the food bowl and I am laying across the work bench to snap this photo! She’s eating…yeah! Success! Then I turn around right into the face of jealousy….


Not kidding! Snowy, you know I love you and I’ve told you before that Mommy’s heart is big enough to love another kitty! It will be ok!



Metal Candle Wall Sconces to Old White WOW


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I’m working on a set of candle metal wall sconces….my clients want them Old White to match their newly renovated bedroom!


These are awesome in design and style! Curled bottoms, large curved tops! The cuttings in the metal were a bit of a pain….every time I painted one side, I had to go to the back side immediately and wipe away the drips!  These actually took 4 coats of Old White but I think it would have been good with 3 if it weren’t for the cutwork….ta da


I love them! My clients did too! We lightly slightly distressed the metal using our Annie Sloan medium grade sanding pad.



Your turn! Have you tried painting over metal yet? Use your imagination and you can transform just about anything with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®!

My Recent Visit to Lambertville, NJ


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I never, ever ever ever get tired of visiting Lambertville, especially in the winter! For those of you who are not familiar with Lambertville, NJ, it is a wonderful little river town on the banks of the Delaware River in central New Jersey. Directly across from New Hope, PA Bucks county which is famous for it’s artists, European influenced stone structures etc.


My favorite thing to do while visiting Lambertville is (No, it’s not shopping but that is 2nd in line), strolling the side streets! This is where you find the most amazing houses, Christmas decorations, architecture and gardens!


I fell in love with the arrangement on this front porch! Filled with evergreens, pinecones, holly or berry branches etc! Love the red door too!


After our chilly walk, we went back to the hotel to warm our toes by the fire! This is the lobby at the Lambertville Station hotel. Gorgeous large fireplace with the most elegantly carved wood mantle! Comfy lounge chairs, good books by the fireside….


A lovely Victorian home located on a side street…..


Across the river, using a pedestrian walking bridge, we visited New Hope, PA too. This is one of my favorite structures in New Hope all decked out for Christmas. Next time I’ll take more photos…I was enjoying myself so much that I forgot to snap more photos….talk about short attention span! Had a great time, see you soon Lambertville and New Hope!

French Limoges Formalizes Chicken Salad!


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So you want to formalize and pretty up your typical chicken salad! You can by using this recipe and plating with some vintage or antique French Limoges pretty floral bordered lunch size plates! It’s the perfect pairing!


Here are the ingredients:

1 pound of boiled or roasted chicken breast (either is fine and left overs are good too just cut into bite size pieces)

1/4 cup of finely sliced celery and their green tops

1 cup of halved grapes

1/4 cup of walnuts cut into bite size pieces

1/2 cup of mayonnaise

2 heaping tablespoons of sour cream

salt and pepper to taste

So simple, just combine and plate! We garnished with fresh grapes and a sprig of celery greens!



So as I always say, treat yourself to a pretty pairing! We added a vintage fork and vintage linen napkins to make it even prettier! Enjoy!



You can Never Go Wrong with Old White & Cream Annie Sloan Combo


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Lovely vintage bed we found at auction. So as the title says, you can never go wrong with Old White and Cream color combination by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. Its a classic neutral with a splash of yellow buttery cream color.


We slightly distressed on the edges, corners and lovely details of this bid. Just enough to add some dimension.



We had some pretty curves and indentations on the legs so we accented them with cream as well! Now the detailing really pops!


Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® is the best paint in the world and this color combination is one of my favorites! Finished with Annie Sloan’s Clear Wax too! Pretty double or full size bed is available for purchase too.

Busy Holiday Weekend…Snow is here to help!


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Hey Mom! I see you have a lot on your plate or I mean desk. Let me help! I can lay here next to the product you are listing for sale, purr, lean in for a few kisses on top of my head….



I can do some spell checking and grammar checks for you too! Ooh I see a misspelled word….right there Mom in that last email you just sent!


I’ll fix it….give me that mouse and I’ll fix it! lol

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