Tuckahoe Vintage offers classes by Certified Stockists for authentic instruction, 2 Hours of Hands-On Instruction   

Just a sampling of workshop fun.

“Your a great teacher and inspire all of us to greater feats. Thanks Lin.  – G.Hagen”

Check out the workshop schedule.

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Saturday Workshops: $55 

9 am to 11 am

Bring a piece from home to work on for most workshops.


Three Color Stencil


Fabric Painting


Ombre Look


Salt Wash

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Includes:  All paint and materials are included for the basics and learning the technique. Bring a piece from home, purchase a sample pot of paint ($14.95) in the color of your choice.

 Supplies, Snacks & Beverages

Call for more info: 609-701-0377 or 609-675-6208


Can’t attend a scheduled workshop? No worries. You can create your own workshop with a group of 3 or more on a more convenient Saturday or Sunday of your choosing.

Also – You can take advantage of our private classes where you get 1 on 1 instruction. Only $75

The above custom and private workshops are a huge advantage if you want to choose the technique you are most interested in learning along with the basics and waxes refresher.

Techniques to Choose From:

2 Color Distress, Dry Brush to Create Layers, Ombre Blending, Smooth as Glass Finish, Salt Wash Texture, Color Wash, Gilding Wax, Craqueleur, Image Transfer, Decoupage